Australian Cricket Team’s reputation down the drain following ball tampering

Australian Cricket team is in trouble – Cameron Bancroft has been caught red-handed tampering with the ball. It is revealed that it was planned by Captain Steve Smith along with other senior Australian players, also referred to as the ‘leadership group’, whom Smith refused to name. The captain also stated that the coaches and the management did not know about their ploy.

Australia and South Africa, archrivals in Cricket were on their third test, with a win to each nation prior. South Africa was batting and was at a hundred runs with only one wicket. Desperate for a win, the team players were discussing ‘tampering with the ball’ when Bancroft walked in. He was then chosen to perform the act because ‘he would attract less attention’ – but got caught in the act.Bancroft hides the sticky tape in the pocket of his trousers. When he gets the chance, he collects some “granules” beside the pitch, sticks them to the tape, and uses it on the ball. Panicking when the on-field umpires become interested, Bancroft resorts to hiding the offending piece of yellow tape down the front of his trousers. He produces a harmless sunglasses bag from his pocket when approached by the umpires, and appears to have gotten away with it. But his desperate attempt to hide the evidence in his underwear is also caught by TV, and replayed multiple times.

Smith will remain captain for now and an investigation is ongoing.

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