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One Day International Status: A brief history and what’s next for Nepal


By now you must have known that Nepal has acquired an ODI status – a proud day for Nepalese worldwide. The hard work and efforts of the entire Nepalese team have established themselves as an upcoming force – a force that needs reckoning. Albeit a temporary status as Nepal will yet again have to prove their mettle in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier, history has been made.

About the ODI status, until 2005 only 10 teams were granted a permanent ODI status – Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh. (In order of year of membership granted).
In 2005, ICC decided to grant 6 temporary ICC status to other nations. Their membership would be based on their performance during the World Cup Qualifier and could be revoked if they performed poorly in the next qualifier. Thus, a 4 year membership would be granted.

In June 22, 2017, Ireland and Afghanistan were awarded a permanent ICC membership (after being granted the ‘Test Status’). However, in 2018, ICC in a bid to maintain only 16 ODI status teams reduced the number of temporary ODI status to 4 from 6 – thus 12 full members and 4 temporary members as shown in the image.

From 2006 to 2018, 11 teams have been granted the temporary ODI status (special case Kenya from 97 to 2014). Ireland and Afghanistan with their ever improving performance acquired a test status which gave them a permanent status in the ODI. Other teams vary in performances and are accordingly granted/revoked membership. Netherlands had lost their membership in 2014 qualifiers but regained in 2018. Nepal acquired the ODI status for the first time in 2018.

Now what?
Although an important milestone for Nepalese cricket team, they need to show tremendous improvement if they want to achieve a test status or even maintain their ODI status in 2022. The sports ministry needs to pay proper attention to the team and provide proper infrastructure to facilitate improvement. The requirement of a cricket board has also been suggested.

Nevertheless, Kudos Nepalese Team and Best Wishes.

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