Alleged gold smuggler ‘Gore’ denies his role in Shakya’s murder

Chudamani Uprety, alias Gore, the alleged mastermind behind the 33 kg gold smuggling case has denied his role in Shakya’s murder. In a video (shot by himself before his arrest) which has surfaced recently and his testimony in court, he agrees to torturing Sanam Shakya of Urlabari, his associate, but denies killing him. Instead, in the video, he says he was scared after he learnt of Shakya’s death and fled to India. He also says that he tipped off the police information about Shakya’s death.

Gore’s testimony is being recorded in Morang District Court where he maintains the same. He has stated that he is only a pawn and acted upon instructions from above. His statement recording will be ongoing for a few more days.




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