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Good plans Oli. But we need to know how you are going to achieve all that.

Chief adviser to the Prime Minister of Nepal, Bishnu Rimal has revealed Oli led government’s five year plans. The five year plans and visions address almost all sectors the government needs to pay attention toward, from per-capita income to education to health to infrastructure development in the local level governments.

  1. To double the ‘per-capita income’ within the next five years.
  2. To produce 5,000 MW electricity.
  3. To eliminate the need to go abroad for work within five years.
  4. Double agricultural produce within the next five years.
  5. Fundamental education free and compulsory.
  6. Every citizen will possess a bank account.
  7. To complete reconstruction of Dharahara and RaniPokhari within three years.
  8. Complete and bring into operation Bhairawaha International Airport within a year.
  9. Complete Kathmandu-Nijgadh Expressway within five years.
  10. At least one hospital with a 15 bed capacity in all local level regions.
  11. Local level centres to have blacktop road access.
  12. Prime Minister’s Office to follow up on other ‘follow-up’ agencies.

However, stating plans is not enough. Implementation and how the targets are going to be achieved is what should remain the major questions that need answering. Forgive us, only time will be an indicator of how much you have achieved, and we have learnt to be skeptical of what politicians have to say (based on previous experiences, hope you do not mind).

For example, the PM’s office has resolved to eliminate the need for foreign employment within the next 5 years, which might be a little overambitious, considering how deeply embedded the problem is. Remittance is one of Nepal’s highest contributor towards foreign income. A majority of Nepali household’s primary income is the money sent by toiling family members in foreign land.┬áThe public remain unsure how the jobs are going to be created as the plans/missions do not include any provisions for that.

How is the government going to ensure that every citizen has a bank account when parts of the region are so remote an individual needs to walk 7 days to reach? And what are they going to do with bank accounts which have no branches? How are you going to convince the bank to go to all these remote regions?

An economic boost to a nation is what perhaps Nepal needs most at the moment, however that has been omitted. Trade deficits should be a major concern, with Nepal importing almost everything from cars to washing bars, how are we going to tackle that? What initiatives are the government taking to encourage citizens to either make or consume domestic products?

And lastly, who is going to produce the 5,000 MW electricity? India or China?

As opined by Pankaj Thapa.

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