Indian government to close Indian Field Office in Biratnagar

In a response to queries regarding the closure of the Biratnagar Camp Office, Ministry of the External Affairs of India has issued a press release stating that the Camp Office will be closed soon.

The camp office was opened in 2008 after the devastating floods in Koshi which destroyed parts of the East-West highway along the Koshi area. India had set up a temporary field office to issue permits to vehicles to use some parts of the Indian Highway until the roads were repaired. The roads have been since repaired and various previous Prime Ministers have requested the Indian Government to close the field office, but to no avail.

The issue had again been raised a few days earlier, by all media outlets of Nepal and PM Oli had assured India would close down the camp. The government of India in a response released the following statement:

“The Biratnagar Camp Office of the Embassy of India in Nepal was opened in 2008 to deal with the situation arising out of devastating Kosi floods. The purpose for which this Camp Office was opened has been fulfilled. GoI had already decided to wind up the Camp Office and re-locate the personnel. This decision was conveyed by Prime Minister Modi to his Nepalese counterpart during his visit to Nepal last week. The PM of Nepal thanked PM for informing him about this decision.”


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