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Iran Deal: What is it, and why won’t Trump sign it?

The May 12 deadline for Trump to sign the ‘secondary waivers’ of the Iran Deal is fast approaching. Trump has been calling the ‘Iran Deal’ a huge failure and that Iran has not been living up to their part of the deal. On January 12, when he last signed the deal Trump warned ‘it was the last chance’ to fix the deal’s ‘terrible flaws’.

What is the Iran Deal?

The 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, one of Obama’s signature foreign policy during his presidency was a deal between the United States and Iran, plus the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, and the European Union.

In a short synopsis, Iran agreed to denuclearize (redesign, convert, and reduce all of its nuclear facilities and allow inspection of all its nuclear facilities and supply chains in exchange of removing the crippling nuclear-related economic sanctions imposed on them. The sanctions were imposed by the UN, US and EU in an attempt to force Iran to halt uranium enrichment via trade impositions on their oil exports and freezing their overseas assets which were equivalent to $100 billion. The deal allows Iran to export oil freely in the market and use the global financial system for trade. Should Iran violate any part of the deal, UN impositions will snap back into place for 10 years which can be further extended for 5 years.

Why doesn’t Trump want to sign the waiver?

By law, the Trump administration must report Iran’s compliance/non-compliance to Congress every 90 days, and suggest if it’s in the U.S. national security interest to continue sanctions. Trump says the deal is ‘weak, narrow, and short-sighted’. He insists that the U.S and other nations were too lenient with Iran and wants international weapons inspectors to have greater access to Iran’s military sites. He, along with a group of investigators believe Iran could be secretly pursuing their missiles program prior to the deal in their military sites. Trump also criticizes Iran for failing to promote regional and international peace citing the violence in Syria and Yemen.

What are other countries saying?

French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel are urging Trump to stay in a deal until a new one is made. The U.K is also urging Trump to stay in the deal. Iranian officials are saying that Iran is keeping its options open. However, there is no guarantee that Iran will abide.

Video Source: Face the Nation

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