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Late King Birendra's photo on a Swiss Craft beer

Late King Birendra’s photo on a beer bottle angers Nepalis

Seeing Late King Birendra’s photograph with a glass of beer in his hand on a bottle of beer has irked many Nepalis. Perhaps fueled by posts of Routine of Nepal Banda, a Facebook media page which provides updates and current affairs – largely pertaining to Nepal or the achievements of Nepalis worldwide. Loved by many Nepalis, perhaps because of their ‘ultra-nationalism’ and then followed by an article on MyRepublica quoting the post by Routine of Nepal Banda, they justify the reasons why Nepalis are pissed. But is the justification that Late King Birendra was loved by Nepalis a reason for our nationalism to be hurt? If that is the case, we see our national emblem ‘two khukuris’ with the name Gorkha plastered pretty much in every liquor shop or bar of Nepal. Well that does not piss us off as much? If you wish to justify it saying it is a foreign brand, Gorkha Brewery is owned by Carlsberg – it is not a Nepali brand. Instead the Swiss Brewery made ‘Birendra’ is a craft beer – a creation with passion for beer whereas Gorkha – a highly marketed mass produced commodity. Many a times, you will hear smaller brands being not able to compete in the Nepali market because of the aggressive marketing strategies adopted by Gorkha Brewery. But that does not concern you, does it? 

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