RS 7 m worth of chicken, poultry products wasted due to bird flu


Chitwan district suffered a loss of chicken and other poultry products worth more than Rs 7 million due to bird flu, according the District Livestock Service Office (DLSO).

At least 2,500 chickens were slaughtered at Surtani of Khairahani Municipality-9 due to the avian influenza. Following this, 11,950 layer, 23 local and four broiler chickens, 144 ducks, 607 kilograms poultry feed and 12,726 eggs were destroyed after declaring the area an emergency zone.

The H5N1 virus is now under control in the district. Regular medical inspection, checking and test are underway. Farmers have been called to remain cautious about biological safety. A medical technician team continues its monitoring.

Properly cooked poultry products are safe for human health, office chief Kharel said, urging consumers to property cook poultry products before eating. Farmers have been advised to wear masks while working in farms.

The bird flu virus was first detected in Nepal in 2009 from Jhapa district and Chitwan reported the first case in the district in 2010. Four years ago, the virus had caused a huge loss to poultry business in this inner Tarai district.
The central laboratory on May 14 confirmed the bird flu prevalence in Chitwan.

Over Rs 70 billion has been invested in poultry farming in Nepal and over 50 percent is centered in the district.


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