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Sports and the Government: We need more Lamichhanes

A 17 year old boy from Syangja made the nation proud yesterday. Millions of Nepalese were glued on their sets as they watched the boy take wickets after wickets for Delhi Daredevils against last year’s defending champions Mumbai Indians. He not only made Nepal proud, he made the entire cricket community aware of his talents with his stellar performance.

Delhi Daredevils shot tweets after tweets bestowing upon him a respect and after the game, his teammates, talents like Amit Mishra, Harsh Patel, Trent Boult, and Shreyash Iyer, Glenn Maxwell patted him for his beautiful performance.

Social media was abuzz, his name on the trending list, his photos on every news portal of the nation, and veteran politicians like Dr. Baburam Bhattarai congratulating him on Twitter.

Prachanda and Oli are yet to tweet – not to worry, it will come soon.

Amidst all the social media frenzy, there was one we would like to pick up – Nepalese National Cricket Team Captain Paras Khadka’s.

Sports has always been uniting, be it on any level – school team, district team, or national team – it imparts a sense of unity. The same with Lamichhane yesterday, Nepalese in Nepal or any country were watching as the young lad from Syangja made history. The politicians chirping in with their tweets showed that they were aware of Lamichhane.

However, sports and the Nepalese government have a poor history.  It is not only limited to cricket but every sporting category. Dashrath Rangasala, our national stadium which was damaged during the earthquake is still undergoing renovation – at a snail’s pace. An international standard cricket ground was supposed to built in Mulpani, but hasn’t made any headway. The Nepalese cricket team, just this year received an ODI status for the first time in history, wherein we will be able to invite other ODI nations to play in our country, but have no stadium to do so. Another point of concern is the amount of money sportsmen make; a major deterrent in their career choices. This however is changing owing to private sector’s piqued interest wherein leagues and tournaments are being organised – however limited to football and cricket.

It is highly pertinent the government of Nepal lay better emphasis on sports and their sports-persons and not only bask in the glory once the sportsperson achieves fame and actually maintain an infrastructure which paves way towards others achieving the same.

As opined by Pankaj Thapa (inspired by Paras Khadka’s tweet)


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