Province no. 4 most likely to be named ‘Gandaki’ with Pokhara as capital

It is most likely Province no. 4 will be named Gandaki. The name has the approval of major parties in the state legislature and the only opposition is from Naya Shakti Party – Nepal, who want the name Gandaki Tamuwan for the state.

Approaching the topic of deciding the name for the province, the provincial government had decided to ask for opinions from all 11 member districts of the province. While ‘Gandaki’ remained the most favoured, other three names shortlisted were Tamuwan Magarat, Gorkha and Dhaulagiri.

The largest city of the province and a tourism hotspot of Nepal, Pokhara was unanimously decided as the province of the capital. While other cities were also voted for, Pokhara outweighed them all and is very likely will be the capital of the province.

Phewa Lake in Pokhara. Pokhara, a bustling town in Province 4 attracts large number of tourists. It is the gateway to some of the most scenic trekking trails of the Himalayan Range. An international airport is also being built in Pokhara.



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