The weekend is here, the weather is expected to clear, even if not, there is a reason to cheer

Evolution Beverages, the ones who brought the refreshing White Rhino beer to Nepali taste buds have released another special craft beer from White Rhino – India Pale Ale. White Rhino Wit bier, a Belgian style craft beer was received immensely well in Nepal and the IPA is on a similar track. Go ahead, enjoy your Saturday.

What is India Pale Ale?

If you are drinking it, you might want to know about it, share it with friends, show them you are smart. In the 19th century, British brewers were faced with a challenge – they needed to get their beers to India (a six month voyage then, and regular beers would not be able to survive the arduous journey). Brewers realized higher alcohol content and a liberal amount of hops did the trick – the beers arrived fresh in India, and thus came about India Pale Ale. Today, IPAs are available worldwide and very popular amongst beer lovers.

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