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#WorldEnvironmentDay – A day is not enough and here is a small reality check (Photo Feature)

According to a report by ‘Socio-economic factors and management regimes as drivers of tree cover change in Nepal‘, Nepal has lost 46,000 hectares between 2001-2016. The total tree cover area in the year 2000 in Nepal was 4,746,000 hectares.

It was reported some 140,000 kilograms of trash lay strewn around Mt. Everest region. The trash included anything from used cans to oxygen cylinders. A massive Everest cleanup campaign was launched where thousands of tons of trash were brought down from high altitude camps to lower altitude regions since 2014. However, thousands of rons of human waste still lie in Everest region.

Pictured in the left is Bagmati just an hour’s drive away from the valley towards Chisapani. Pictured in the right is Bagmati again, near Thapathali. As Bagmati enters the valley, industrial waste, household waste and sewage lines are emptied into the river, which makes the river one of the most polluted in the world. A massive Bagmati clean-up campaign was launched  and is in its 258th week –  thousands of tons of waste have been removed, yet, pollution some how finds its way to the river.

As per a report by the Environmental Performance Index released in January 2018, Nepal’s air quality ranked the worst in the world.

Making headlines just ahead of the World Environment Day was this poor pilot whale in Thailand who died despite repeated rescue efforts which lasted 5 days. The poor whale had swallowed more than 80 plastic bags.

Plastic pollution has been a major environmental challenge. In a study by NatGeo, only 9% of the plastic waste is recycled every year. The remainder make their way to oceans disrupting marine life or in landfills taking years to decompose.



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