As Dr. KC’s health worsens, ruling party turn a ‘blind eye’

The Nepal Communist Party, thanks to their alliance, enjoy a very strong position in the House of Representatives. A strong hold in the HoR means, any bill they table, it will be easy for them to pass – and that is exactly what they are doing. The Nepal Communist Party, despite sharp criticism by the opposition and many other stake holders yesterday said they will not heed to Dr. KC’s demands.

Dr. KC is on his 15th hunger strike in Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) demanding the government not change the earlier agreed upon Medical Ordinance Bill. Dr. KC had broken his 14th hunger strike, after the then Deuba led government had agreed to Dr. KC’s demands to stop permanently ‘the commercialisation and extensive profiteering from health education sector in Nepal’. The Mathema led committee had suggested a ten year stop on any new medical school in Kathmandu Valley and a hospital be in practice for 3 years before it can be turned into a medical school – amongst many other suggestions. The Nepal Communist Party is however uplifting these two key suggestions and leaning the new medical ordinance bill towards the benefits of a few key leaders (or their friends and families) who have a stake in the health education business and wish to profit from it.

Yesterday, the government, even though under tremendous public pressure said it would not listen to the demands laid by Dr. KC and would introduce the bill.


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