Dang: Farmers pray to the gods for rain

Farmers in Tulasipur, Dang district have prayed to the Bhumebarma god after the area fails to receive rainfall resulting in a serious drought.

The farmers of Tulasipur used to receive water to plant paddy from the saat gaunle irrigation canal. The villagers gathered at the origin of the canal and performed a pooja at Srikula in ward no. 3 of Tulasipur sub-metropolis, according to the irrigation project chair Kul Prasad Kalathoki.

The pooja or worshipping was carried out as per the traditional belief that if you please the gods then you will have rain to see off the drought, added Kalathoki. Hundreds of farmers had gathered in the event, where chickens and goats were also sacrificed.

Thousands of hectares of paddy field in the area remain barren for lack of rainwater.


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