Dr. K.C hunger strike – Day 24: Health critical, govt indifferent

Dr. KC staging his 15th hunger strike

Fasting Dr. K.C has reached day 24 – one more day and he will break all previous records set by himself. Doctors at the hospital have expressed concern over the doctor’s deteriorating health situation – his vital signs are depleting rapidly.

Dr. K.C had denied repeated requests to monitor his health since he began his fast in Jumla. On Sunday, upon the request of his mother, he finally relented and allowed doctors to monitor his heart and check his blood. The reports have come in and are not good – his blood pressure is very low and there are significant depletion of essential minerals.

“If his health deteriorates further, we will have to place him in a CCU unit”, attending doctors have said.

Meanwhile the government remains indifferent – adamant they would not give in to the doctor’s demands. PM Oli in an address on Monday requested the doctor to end his hunger strike and come to the table for talks. He went on to say the government is willing to form a commission to look into his demands.

It is however important to note, various commissions have come and gone in the past, each tabling their  recommendations for the betterment of the health education sector in Nepal. The recommendations Dr. K.C is fasting for is one of such commissions, as suggested by Mathema led committee and agreed upon by the previous government and Dr. K.C. However, the health education sector, like many other sectors is plagued in Nepal, maligned to serve the interests of certain groups rather than national interest.



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