Dr. K.C Hunger Strike – Day 27: Talks fail, protests obstructed, doctor continues strike

Dr. K.C’s hunger strike has reached Day 27, here are the updates as the situation develops: 

1. Talks with the government fail: Dr. KC’s team walk away following refusal to change Medical Ordinance Bill by govt.

2. Security forces try to obstruct a ‘protest rally’ organised by medical students and doctors, 25 people being held.

3. Dr. K.C’s health continues to deteriorate.

Dr. Govinda KC: Day 27 of 15th ‘fast unto death’. (Image: Dr. Abhishek Raj Singh)

Talks with government fail:

A government team and a team representing Dr. K.C being led by Dr. Abhishek Raj Singh had begun discussions yesterday. Both the parties had signalled positive notes yesterday evening, however did not reveal any details of the agreements. Both the parties said they would divulge all information at once on Wednesday, after the dialogue was over. After 26 days of protest, it seemed a breakthrough was near.

Alas, today, Dr. K.C’s team walked away after the government revealed they were not to keen to address and change the new Medical Education Bill as per the demands of Dr. K.C. Dr. Singh has said he will sit for negotiations only once the government agrees to revise the Medical Ordinance Bill.

Thus, all hopes of Dr. KC’s ‘fast unto death’ ending his fast on Day 27 has been extinguished.

Dr. Abhishek Raj Singh (L) is representing Dr. K.C in the negotiations with the government

Medical students and doctors organize mass rally, police intervene, arrest 25 doctors 

A mass rally to express solidarity with the government was organised by medical students and doctors of Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj. They were supposed to walk from the hospital to the PM’s headquarter on Wednesday. Security forces in an attempt to squash the protest, tried to stop the doctors from leaving the hospital premises. The however resisted and took to the streets, but not for long. Police barricaded the road leading to the PM’s residence, not allowing the doctors to move. The protesting doctors and students tried to obstruct vehicular movement, demanding they be allowed to pass, however, the police did not relent. 25 doctors have been arrested.

Student continue protests outside Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj (Image: Parashu Bhandari/Twitter)

Dr. K.C’s health: 

Doctors attending Dr. KC continue to worry about Dr. KC’s health. All reports show a decrease in vital health signs, his blood pressure being a major concern.



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