Iran and United States threaten each other over war consequences

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran on Sunday sent a message to the American President and all Americans: ” “Iran’s power is deterrent and we have no fight or war with anybody but the enemies must understand well that war with Iran is the mother of all wars and peace with Iran is the mother of all peace. We have never been intimidated and will respond threat with threat. Today, speaking with US has no meaning except surrender and end of people’s achievements. Mr Trump! We are the people of dignity and guarantor of security of the waterway of the region throughout the history. Don’t play with the lion’s tail; you will regret it”.

The address the President makes is long and sends out key messages to U.S, Arab Nations, Israel and the international community.

In a response to Iran’s warning of war, President Trump took to Twitter:

Diplomatic tensions between the two nations are high. In May, 2018, Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The cancellation of the deal would mean sanctions on Iran would be ‘reimposed’. As Iran awaits its future of oil exports, it issued threats if oil exports from Iran were sanctioned, they would halt the entire oil supply out of the Persian Gulf region.

The above quoted lines by the Iranian President urge President Trump to make peace with Iran, however proceeds to threaten U.S and Americans that a war with Iran would prove costly. President Trump in a response threatened to make Iran’s fate worse than what others have suffered, if they were attacked or even threatened again. It is unclear which countries, which war, if an American war or not, which era, President Trump is referring to.

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