Kanchanpur: 13 year old raped and murdered, Family and Locals demand justice

Protesters and Security Forces clash at Mahendranagar.

Mahendranagar Bazaar area in Kanchanpur District was tense after large amount of protesters took to the streets demanding justice for Nirmala Panta – a 13 year old who was found dead after being raped on Friday.

The family has said they will not perform the last rites of the girl until their demands are met:

  • To find and arrest the guilty as soon as possible, and the strictest of punishment be accorded to them.
  • Compensation to the bereaved family
  • To establish a police beat in the area – Nimbukheda, Bhimdutta Municipality 2.

Student bodies, women activists, and locals protested the police department’s failure to arrest the culprits and demanded the government’s attention to the case. There were several clashes between security forces and the protesters, and Mahendranagar Bazaar area remained largely tense on Saturday.

What happened?

On Thursday, 13 year old Nirmala Panta had left home in the morning to got her friend’s to study. Family members reported her ‘missing’ after she failed to arrive home in the evening. Family members are heard saying, ‘the police refused to cooperate and launch a search party the same day’, asking them to come to them the next morning.

On Friday, her body was found in a nearby sugarcane field – naked and murdered. A postmortem report is yet to come, but it is ascertained that she was raped.

Her bereaved family has refused to accept her body and perform her last rites until their demands are met. Police have rounded up a few ‘suspects’ and are investigating swiftly to catch the culprits.


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