Mexico Elections: Left wing candidate Obradar set to become new President

Celebrations are high in Mexico – owing to a historic win by Andres Manuel Lopez Obradar of Mexico’s left winged party – National Regeneration Movement. A look at the polls show Mr. Obradar at 50% , almost twice higher than his closest rival Ricardo Anaya of National Action Party. The presidential candidate of Mexico’s ruling party Institutional Revolution Party, Mr. Jose Antonio Meade is third with 15.1%. Both candidates have conceded and congratulated Mr. Obradar for his win.

This is Mr. Obrador’s third attempt to become President of Mexico. His victory has been quoted by many political analysts as ‘reshaping of the political map of the country as it ends the more than half a century dominance by PRI and PAN. Many Mexicans have grown disillusioned with incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto’s PRI administration, particularly over the sluggish economy and endemic corruption.

Mr. Lopez Obrador capitalised upon that – putting ‘tackling corruption’ at the centre of his election campaign.

His critics say he is a populist who cannot be trusted with Mexico’s economy.


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