Saptakoshi Flood Alert: Residents urged to be wary of water levels and practice caution

The Department of Hydrology has recorded 148.8mm of rainfall around the Saptakoshi Region since the past 24 hours. Incessant rainfall around the hilly areas contribute to a rise in water level at Saptakoshi. Concerned authorities have flagged an alert asking residents around the region to be wary of the water levels and to practice caution. 

Saptakoshi is one of the largest river systems of Nepal. Seven Himalayan glacial rivers traverse through the mountains and hills and merge to make Saptakoshi at the foothills near Sunsari in Eastern Nepal. These rivers are very prone to flooding during the monsoons.

In 2008, the Koshi embankment near the Nepal-India border causing the river to change its course. A large part of the Terai region near the river and a huge part of Bihar was swept away. The flood killed more than 250 people and affected the lives of over 2.5 million people.




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