Tipper kills motorcyclist in Banepa, irate residents set the tipper ablaze

A tipper in flames after causing an accident in Banepa

Not long after tippers were banned in the three districts of the valley during daytime, a tipper has caused an accident resulting in another ‘tipper related death’ in Banepa, a town 35 kms from Kathmandu.

A 48 year old man from Kavrepalanchowk lost his life after a tipper struck him on the main highway in Banepa. Irate residents set the truck on fire (Ba 2 Ka 3934) on fire. The police have taken the driver of the vehicle in their custody. Banepa has remained tense as crowds had to be controlled by the police. The ablaze vehicle set plumes of smoke in the middle of the road and was a while before ‘fire trucks’ doused the fire.

Tipper drivers are notorious for their reckless driving in and around the valley, they are on of the largest causes of motorcycle related deaths and accidents.

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