Trump plans to provide $12bn aid to US farmers suffering from his trade war

As U.S farmers continue to suffer owing to Trump’s trade war with other nations, the president, in a bid to provide temporary relief plans to provide the farmers with USD 12 billion aid in a form of mixed programs. Some of them include direct payments to producers of goods affected by the trade war, distribution assistance, and look towards opening new international markets for the produce.

Reassuring the farmers, Trump in Kansas City said, “farmers will be the biggest beneficiary, be a little patient”. U.S farmers were one of the largest rural political group who voted for US President Trump in the 2016 presidential election. The farmers welcomed the decision by President Trump, however have requested the president to resolve trade issues fast.

China, Canada, and other nations are key foreign buyers of U.S pork, soybeans and other crops.U.S farmers have been hit badly as other countries reciprocated trade tariffs along with impositions by President Trump.  The farm aid would be a relief to farmers as they are witnessing steep price drops within two weeks of the trade war.

The plan to provide aid does not need congressional approval, however has slided Republican lawmakers into a sharp debate. While many are praising the president’s decision, many are against it.

Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, said in a statement, “This administration’s tariffs and bailouts aren’t going to make America great again, they’re just going to make it 1929 again.”

The reference to 1929 is because the financial aid is a revival of a  ‘Great depression era’ program, and comes two days before President Trump visits Iowa – the largest producer of soybeans in the U.S.

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