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What happened in Jumla today is an attack on Nepal’s democracy

The government seems adamant: to pursue their interests and make their senior leaders happy – be it at the cost of a highly respected doctor’s life or injuring dozens of lives in a remote district of Nepal, or not paying heed to its opposition or the public for that matter.

Today, Dr. Govinda K.C who is on his 20th day of hunger strike in Jumla is being brought back to Kathmandu. He was adamant he would stay in Jumla until his demands were met and the Medical Ordinance Bill be revised to what was earlier agreed upon – however, the government sent a helicopter and a few senior politicians of Province no. 7 to bring back Dr. KC to Kathmandu – by force.

Jumla residents, students and staffers of the hospital, who had started to develop a strong affection towards the doctor, were angered. Throughout the day, reports of clashes poured in. Dozens of protesters were injured and a police constable had to be admitted to the hospital owing to severe injuries. He is out of danger, however the scene in the district is still tense.

Dr. K.C, not wishing to be a perpetrator of the local clashes and worried about the security of the students and the locals, agreed to be airlifted.

He is being brought back to Kathmandu as we write.

However, the important observation here remains the government’s continued efforts to power their way through their interests. They have shown no signs of paying heed to Dr. K.C’s demand, an utter lack of care towards the opposition, lack of empathy to the public and the medical fraternity, and to top it all, attacked the protesters in Jumla today – all detrimental to Nepal’s democracy. Nepal after long years of clashes has gained political stability – Nepal is a Federal Democratic Republic nation – however the actions by Nepal’s ruling party is opposite to democracy and needs to be strongly criticized.

One may also question, is Nepal really going to be political stable – ever?

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