‘A little bit of Nepal in Vegas’: Sumukhi Handicrafts exhibit and promote Nepali handicraft in the U.S.

Sumukhi Stall and featured Nepali products at the ASD Trade Fair, Las Vegas , 2018.

This time, for a change, ‘What happens in Vegas, will not stay in Vegas’ – the stories will travel far and beyond. Amidst the stories is a Nepali story too – a story told by Sumukhi Handicrafts.

Sumukhi Handicrafts, a Nepali brand has showcased its diverse and cultural product range at the ASD Market Week in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

The ASD Market Week is a comprehensive B2B trade show that brings the world’s widest variety of retail merchandise under one roof. Thousands of vendors from hundreds of countries participate in the show, displaying a wide range of products, and this time Nepal proudly presented its own – thanks to Sumukhi Handicrafts.

“Our products were met with great interest by a number of businesses”, Roli Mittal Jalan from the floor of Market Week said. “But above that, I am proud, Sumukhi has been able to provide a unique glimpse of Nepal to the world, we are a diverse country, and each race has something to provide. All products are made in a traditional way, and in all forms original and respectful to the creator”, she added with much excitement.

The exhibition is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (July 29 – August 1).

Nepal’s flag alongside other participating countries at the Fair.

About Sumukhi Handicrafts:

Established in 2016, Sumukhi Handicrafts specializes in authentic, traditional Nepalese cultural products. Speaking to Ashesh Pradhan, a founding member of Sumukhi, he says, “Sumukhi is an attempt to revive old traditional Nepali art by fusing them into everyday modern contemporary products”. “Nepal is much more than the Thangkas and the statues, its craftsmen promote a versatile range of cultural products, each race its own, and everything needs to be promoted”, he added.

Sumukhi specializes in leather products (bags, phone cases, wallets), it produces symbolic emblems from copper and glass, various metal products, paper products (Nepali Paper/Lokta), and handloom cotton products, amongst a much more diversified product range.

Sumukhi Products displayed at ASD Market Week, Las Vegas Convention Centre.
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