Astronauts from International Space Station share images of ‘California Wildfires’

A look into the California Wildfires from 250 miles above. (Image: NASA Johnson)

Crew from the International Space Station have shared some incredible images of the ravaging California Wildfires from space. Thick layers of smoke can be seen billowing from the earth’s surface, and offers a unique vantage point –  from 250 miles (400kms) from the earth’s surface. One can only imagine the magnitude of the wildfire, if it can be so distinctively captured from such great heights.

The wildfires wreaked havoc across southern parts of California, claiming the lives of eight people. Thousands of residents have had to be evacuated as firefighters battle the raging fires. This year alone 4,000 h.a of land has been scorched. While some fires are lit by humans, and some are lit without human interference – due to the scorching heat. The reasons behind California wildfires are both humans and the climate. A few days ago, a man was held charged with arson for intentionally causing one of the many fires, and faces a sentence of maximum ‘life imprisonment’.

The International Space Station has shared a few photographs, and duly sharing it with you. The images are the intellectual property of the NASA JohnsonInternational Space Station and reserve its copyrights.

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