Floods damage bridges and block Kathmandu’s access to the north

The damaged bridge over the Gerkhu stream at Pasang Lhamu highway. (Image: RSS)

Two bridges have been swept or damaged on two of our national highways – thus, Kathmandu is effectively not only cut-off from its northern districts, we are also cut off from China, by road at least.

  • Bridge Number 1: A bridge along the Araniko Highway above Sandi stream near Barhabise has been swept off, thus access to Tatopani is closed. The Araniko Highway concludes at Tatopani-Khasa border of China,  however, customs and entry point has been in-operational since the 2015 Earthquake.
  • 2. Bridge Number 2: A bridge along the Pasang Lhamu Highway has been damaged, thus access to Rasuwa closed.  the Pasang Lhamu Highway ends at the Kerung border. While many other road trade entry points with China are being planned, unfortunately, we have only one that is functional at the moment – the one at Kerung, Rasuwagadhi. The damage of Bridge no. 2 means, well, the border is closed.

Apart from the nation being cut off from its northern neighbour, many commuters have also been stranded. Hundreds of pilgrims en-route Gosaikunda to attend the Janai Purnima fair await further developments. Locals are highly inconvenienced and are unsure when the bridges will be repaired.

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