Keshab Raj Jha Murder Case: Here is what we know so far

Keshab Raj Jha, former ambassador to France (1993-1997) was found murdered in his home yesterday.

The few details we have:

  • 6 a.m. – Mr. Jha does not come down for tea which was his morning routine.
  • Mrs. Jha goes to check, finds door locked.
  • Helpers break the door, find Mr. Jha bleeding profusely, and find a kitchen knife in the vicinity. (The knife is assumed to be the murder weapon)
  • It is revealed Mr. Jha was stabbed to death, he had a deep cut on his head and neck.
  • Police send the body for ‘post-mortem’ to TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj.
  • Signs of ‘break-in’ could be seen in the room, a net near the window was torn to open the window.
  • They have held three in custody (domestic helpers who worked at Jha’s Babarmahal residence) for interrogations.

Police have intensified their search for the culprit(s), and are hesitant to reveal much, believing it would hinder the investigation. On the same note, we are unsure, how much progress (if any) has been made. The motive behind the murder is unclear.

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