Labour Ministry to bring home migrant workers who are in a state of coma

The government is preparing to bring back home those migrant workers who are in a state of coma at hospitals in different parts of the world, Labour Minister Gokarna Bista.

Such workers would be brought back and treated in the country itself, where they can be among their friends and loved ones during their rehabilitation period, the minister said.

According to the government records, 23 Nepalis are in a state of coma in various labour destinations.

“This government is aware of the situation faced by the citizens hospitalised in foreign lands and the stress their families are going through here at home. We are working to bring them back home,” he said.

The labour minister said that the Health Ministry was also being consulted concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of comatose migrant workers in various labour receiving countries.

Besides, Minister Bista said, the government was also planning to study the causes of deaths of Nepali migrant workers. Over the years, there have been numerous reports about unexplained deaths of migrant workers in sleep.

“We have to identify the causes of sleep deaths of young Nepali men who had gone overseas to support their families back home,” he added.


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