Minister Mahaseth promises ‘Chabahil – Sankhu’ stretch will be repaired by Aug 28

Monsoons add a huge plight to commuters along the Chabahil- Jorpati road. (Image: Shanker Shrestha/FB)

Done the ‘Chabahil – Bouddha – Jorpati – Sankhu’ stretch recently? That stretch has become the butt of jokes in social media, however, imagine the woes of daily commuters? With the monsoons adding to the troubles, the severely delayed Chabahil – Sankhu road has become a nuisance to the local residents of the area.

The delays are owed to failure of the government and the residents to come upon an agreement for compensation – road expansion activities were obstructed by residents who felt they have not been compensated enough.

Following harsh public outlash and PM Oli’s concern, a team led by Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghubir Mahaseth visited the site and has assured the public the expansion and repair of roads will be completed by August 28. He has said the road would be rid of potholes along the 12 km Chabahil – Sankhu road, which comes as a huge relief to commuters.


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