Doctors protests against Criminal Code

Doctors and medical personnel have organised a protest rally at Maitighar Mandala on Sunday in protest of the provisions of the newly enforced Criminal Code aimed at curbing medical negligence and recklessness by doctors.

As part of its phase-wise protests Nepal Medical Association (NMA) all hospital across the nation have shut down all the medical services except emergency care today.  The rally started from Maitighar and ended in a corner meet at New Baneshwor. Medical personnel were seen displaying placards and chanting slongans during today’s protest.

Section 232 of the code spells out three-year jail and Rs30,000 fine or five-year jail and Rs50,000 fine if a doctor is found guilty of negligence or recklessness while treating a patient, including faulty prescriptions that cause patient’s death. Legal experts have expressed concerns over Section 232 of the code. Four days after the new codes came into effect, Advocate Yagyamani Neupane filed a writ petition for annulling eight provisions of the new Civil and Criminal Codes.

On September 5, the NMA will only allow emergency surgeries, followed by a shutdown of all laboratory and radiology services except for emergency cases on September 6. From September 7, all medical services including OPD, barring Emergency, would be shut down until the doctors’ demands are met.


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