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Jamal Khasoggi: Turkey accuses, Saudi denies, U.S President Trump asks for proof

As investigation into Jamal Khasoggi’s disappearance from the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2 continues, and Turkey alleges that Saudi Arabia killed the Saudi journalist, and Saudi blames Qatar, and U.S. defends one of its closest allies, everyone is embroiled in a ‘blame game’.

Turkey accuses Saudi Arabia: 

Turkey has been accusing Saudi Arabia since his disappearance. They claim he was murdered inside the consul general’s office – that he was cut up and disposed.

A new audio recording has also surfaced, which backs up Turkey’s allegations and details the last minutes of his life, where he was tortured before being killed.

Turkey alleges that Mr Khashoggi was killed by a team of Saudi agents who were pictured entering and leaving Turkey on CCTV footage released to media outlets.

The New York Times reports that four of the 15 agents have links to Crown Prince Mohammed, while another is a senior figure in the country’s interior ministry. In a latest development.

Saudi denies knowledge: 

Saudi has repeatedly denied any involvement in Khasoggi’s disappearance and has shifted the blame to Iran, Qatar, and Turkey.

U.S defends Saudi: 

U.S. and Saudi Arabia are strong allies, especially under Trump administration. Trump’s first international visit was to the Saudi kingdom, the two nations share a common hostility towards Iran,  probably the reason to give them the ‘benefit of the doubt’. He has been quoted many times defending the Saudi nation saying ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and recently asking Turkey for concrete proof if there is any.

Who is Jamal Khasoggi? 

A U.S citizen and a columnist for Washington Post, Jamal Khasoggi was a Saudi journalist and a strong critic of the policies of the Saudi royal family. He had been repeatedly warned by Saudi authorities and was in a self-imposed exile. He entered the Saudi consulate office in Istanbul on 2nd October to obtain some marriage related certificates, and has been missing since.


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