Govt scholarship students could have their passports revoked if they provoke the govt

The government in an attempt to curb the increasing amount of defecting government scholarship students tabled a new Federal Education Bill at the parliament. Th bill which could be approved soon proposes that students who have studied on a government scholarship may have their passports cancelled or be denied renewal if they  violate their end of the agreement.

Usually, when the government agrees to provide scholarship to a student, the student signs a bond stating that he will serve the government in return for a stipulated amount of time. The scholar upon graduation may be placed in any region (usually rural), and is paid fair wages. However, an increasing number of students, after completing their degree violate their contract, and go abroad to pursue further studies or work, leaving the government high and dry.

Thus, it has proposed the cancellation of passports of such defectors, as a control towards abuse of government scholarships. However, it is also important to note that all those who violate the bond are not compulsorily abroad.  There are many cases of non-compliance by citizens who are still in the nation too – poor enforcement of the bond is said to be the reason behind such widespread abuse. The government has said it will look to strictly enforce the contract too.

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