Suraj Vaidya (L) alongside the logo of Visit Nepal 2020

Industrialist Suraj Vaidya to lead ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign

The Tourism Ministry of Nepal has trusted its milestone campaign – ‘Visit Nepal 2020’, an ambitious effort to bring in 2 million visitors in the year 2020 in the hands of renowned industrialist Suraj Vaidya. The president of Vaidya’s Organisation of Industries and Trading Houses, and an ex-President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Vaidya has been named the ‘National Program Coordinator’ of the government tourism campaign and will be leading the campaign.

Visit Nepal 2020 is a mega tourism campaign organised jointly by the Tourism Ministry and the Government of Nepal. It was scheduled for 2018, however pushed to 2020 owing to other factors such as the elections and government formation of 2018. The campaign aims to promote Nepal as a tourism destination, and is targeting 2 million visitors. Various infrastructural development projects, such as alternative international airports in Pokhara and Bhairawaha are being constructed to make the campaign a success. Vaidya’s task remains to lead the campaign, and make the event a success, which he has assured will dedicate his efforts towards, along with working in cooperation with all stakeholders.

Nepal has held two similar campaigns in the past -Visit Nepal 1998 and Visit Nepal 2011, of which tourism entrepreneurs Karna Shakya and Yogendra Shakya were coordinators respectively.


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