Venue of sit-in protest in KanchanpurVenue of sit-in protest in Kanchanpur

Nirmala Panta’s parents sit-in protest redraws attention to case

Frustrated with the inability of the authorities’ to provide their daughter justice, the parents of Nirmala Panta initiated a 24 hour sit-in protest in front of the District Administration Office, Kanchanpur from Sunday. The protest is beginning to garner nationwide protests as hundreds of people have joined the protests. These people, coming from near and far, are redrawing the government’s attention to provide #justiceforNirmala.

The rape and murder case of Nirmala Panta had drawn widespread criticism of the government, and witness to several protests organised in all parts of the nation. An investigation report was made public just ahead of the Dashain festival celebrations, however, was not able to identify the culprit(s). Although not explicitly stated, the report suggested the culprit(s) may never be caught owing to the carelessness of the police officials handling the case.

The parents of Nirmala, had arrived in Kathmandu too and reached out to the Prime Minister himself. The PM had assured the guilty would be brought before court, however, three months later, it seems the guilty will never be exposed.

That does not deter the parents though – they feel the authorities could have done much more, and still can, thus continue to ask the government to find and punish the guilty. With the parents determination, and public support, attention to the case is being redrawn.

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