Parents of Nirmala begin ‘sit-in’ protest until justice delivered

Parents of Nirmala Panta, Yagya Raj Panta (father) and Durga Devi (mother) after having appealed for justice for their daughter to a police constable of the police department, to the Prime Minister of the nation, have run out of options to request the government for justice for their daughter.

It has been more than 3 months since the incident wherein 13 year old Nirmala’s body was found mutilated in a sugarcane field – yet investigations have yielded no culprit(s). The final investigation as submitted to the ministry spoke of ‘gross police negligence’, and although not explicitly stated, suggested that to be the reason why Panta’s murderer/rapist may never be caught.

A little bit of public interest in delivering justice may have died, or perhaps overshadowed by the almost month long festivities, however, the parents are still keen on delivering justice to their daughter.

The father, 6 days ago, had announced the parents’ intentions to stage an indefinite strike, and today at 11 a.m. begun it. Their demand remains the same – book the guilty, and deliver justice to Nirmala.

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