A protester waves a sign which says "no to the invasion" (AP/ Rodrigo Abd)A protester waves a sign which says "no to the invasion" (AP/ Rodrigo Abd)

Tijauana protesters want migrants ‘out’

Hundreds of Tijuana residents protested against the thousands of migrants camped at the city yesterday. The protesters demanded the camped migrants return to their home countries. The displeased residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted “Out! Out!” in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) from the U.S. border. They accused the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana. They also complained about how the caravan forced its way into Mexico, calling it an “invasion.” And they voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the group.

Meanwhile, just across the street a handful of people showed solidarity for the migrants.

Most of the migrants who have reached Tijuana via caravan in recent days set out more than a month ago from Honduras, a country of 9 million people. When asked by a reporter about the residents’ claim that they could add to the violence of the city, a migrant said “we are fleeing from violence ourselves, how can we be violent?”

The migrant caravan are usually seen making their long journey on foot through the country of Mexico, and camp at cities near the U.S. border in the hopes of a new life. Most of the times they are fleeing political instability, economic insecurity, and crippling shortage of essentials in their home country.

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