Left: US President Trump, Right: Pakistan PM KhanLeft: US President Trump, Right: Pakistan PM Khan

Trump and Imran have a Twitter battle

What could be called the second round of an ongoing Twitter war between President Trump of the United States and Pakistan – things are getting heated we must say.

The first battle of the ensuing war was waged by President Trump on 1st January, 2018, actually his first tweet of the year, accusing Pakistan of deceit.

Pakistan denied the charges and instead said they have been more than helpful to the United States. Pakistan’s Defense Ministry in return tweeted:

Things were silent for a while, at least on Twitter, until yesterday when newly elected Prime Minister of  Pakistan Imran Khan tweeted a response to President Trump’s comments on Fox News accusing the country of giving shelter to Osama Bin Laden and his subsequent decision to cut aid because Pakistan  ‘does not do a damn thing for us’.

President Trump tweeted in return:

And then PM Khan tweeted:

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