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151 days since justice has been delayed

Sunday, the 23rd of December marked 150 days since the death after rape of a 13 year old girl in Kanchanpur District, Nepal. The 150 days have been a witness to a lot of things, but not of justice.

The case has taken several twists and turns since the gruesome incident – the arrest of a fake culprit, blame game, the uncovering of police inefficiency, and has citizens questioning two important things – the safety of women in the country, and the inefficiency of the police department.

Recently, the police arrested two people in connection with the case – Bishal Chaudhary and Pradip Regmi, and claimed they confessed to the crime. However, the police and their inefficiencies have again come to question with the accusations flung by Chaudhary – he accused the police of torturing him.

Chaudhary, who was recently released from detention said the police tortured him and forced a confession out of him. He was acquitted because the DNA sample did not match the collected sample.

Police inefficiency has been the core reason why the perpetrator(s) have not been able to be brought to court. In the report released by the Home Ministry, a special probe pointed its fingers at the ‘careless handling of the police of the case’, as the reason why perhaps the culprit(s) may never be caught. Evidences were tampered with, proper questioning was not done, and when the public questioned and protested they were quashed with strict police order, a teenager lost his life in the protest, a fake culprit was produced – yet no one is holding the police accountable.

The public is unconvinced of the recent arrests – many are accusing the police of derailing the case, an effort to subdue the agitating public.

This also leads us to the question of ‘impunity’. The police is ‘impune’, and unless they are brought under fire, we doubt, there will ever be justice for Nirmala.

And because they are one of the primary reason why Nirmala is being denied justice, they should be held accountable.

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