Canned air to tackle Delhi’s worsening air pollution

That time of the year is coming – when Delhi will be blanketed with a smog. This year, we believe entrepreneurs are being prepared to capitalise upon it, and why not.

While an Australian (Auzair)and  a Canadian (Vitality Air) were already selling air from their respective country – an Indian company Pure Himalaya Air has penetrated the market, and are selling their product for a cheaper price than their counterparts.

A can of Pure Himalayan Air will cost you INR 550 (NPR 880) per can. One can has an approximate 160 shots of fresh air which has been brought from the Himalayas  – an area which is notable for one of the freshest air qualities in the world. Delhi is not the first market to witness a boom in canned air, as various Chinese cities tackle growing air-pollution, canned air packagers are enjoying a considerable business boom in Chinese cities.

For many, the idea may seem a laughable moment – however, with the speed with which air-quality is deteriorating in many metropolitan cities, and with Kathmandu catching up at a similar pace, canned air could be the norm.


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