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L: Bamjan meditating, R: copy of the memorandumL: Bamjan meditating, R: copy of the memorandum

Bamjan supporters request government to protect their god

As police probe deeper into the alleged reports of four people missing from Bamjan’s (self proclaimed Buddha) ashram, and top media outlets continue to update on the case, supporters of Bamjan have reached out to the government for help.

Top leaders of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha met and submitted a memorandum to Chairman of Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who in turn has assured the Sangha that the memorandum would reach the attention of PM Oli. Dahal also said he is aware of the media reports against him and that he has ‘much affection’ for the Guruji.

The submitted memorandum says media outlets like Setopati and Kantipur are attacking the religious harmony of the nation, and are bent on tarnishing the image of their revered guru. The memorandum does not address the issue of the four missing people, and requests the government’s immediate action against media outlets publishing news against the ashram.

Leaders of the Sangha have reportedly also met with other senior political leaders including Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal) and leader of Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba.

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