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62 year old Paul McCarthy with children in Nepal. (Facebook)62 year old Paul McCarthy with children in Nepal. (Facebook)

Canadian volunteer in Nepal arrested for ‘child pornography’

A Canadian man, a donor to an NGO dedicated to protecting children, an active volunteer for the organisation has been picked up by Canadian border police for ‘possession of child pornography and attempting to indulge in sexual activities with minors’.

The story first covered by CTVNews said Paul McCarthy, a 62 year old volunteer in Nepal was pulled out of a plane departing for Panama on Friday from Toronto. He was initially stopped by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) while arriving in Canada from his ‘volunteering’ stunt in Nepal in mid-December. He was caught in possession of child pornography and with instances of communication with minors requesting a sexual relationship with them. A further raid of his home revealed more electronic devices with child pornography.

The report says Canadian police have identified five male Nepalese victims, all under the age of 16, and ‘are concerned there could be further victims’. Although police have not yet established if the victims were from the organisation McCarthy worked for, instances of abuse of children is not new in Nepal. Their vulnerability has proved a major ‘point of abuse’ for many perpetrators. Following a series of cases which suggested a pattern in such organisations, Nepal Police has been actively investigating such institutions. In the past year itself, Central Bureau of Investigation made five arrests concerning pedophilia.

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