Dr KC on his 16th hunger strikeDr KC on his 16th hunger strike

Doctors pressure government to address Dr. K.C’s demands

Nepalese doctors have stepped up their support for Dr. K.C, and have warned the government of upcoming protests unless his concerns are addressed. The National Resident Doctors Association (NRDA) have said they will ‘halt all medical services (except emergency services) in government hospitals Friday onward’. The notice was served jointly by resident doctors of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (Kathmandu), Bir Hospital (Kathmandu), and B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Dharan).

Doctors also staged a 2 hour ‘sit-in’ protest at various national hospitals yesterday, temporarily halting services. The solidarity for Dr. K.C. has come after the government has failed to address Dr. K.C’s demands, and instead turned a ‘deaf ear’ to him.

Dr. K.C, a revered orthopedic surgeon from Nepal, and often referred to as a ‘medical crusader’ is undergoing his 16th hunger strike, and is on his 15th day. He is admitted at TUTH, Maharajgunj. Dr. KC is asking the government to pass the Medical Ordinance Bill as agreed with him in 2018 (the last time he broke his fast unto death after the government agreed to incorporate his demands in the bill) without any amendments.

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