Melamchi Water Supply Tunnel. Image: Bijay SubediMelamchi Water Supply Tunnel. Image: Bijay Subedi

Not sure who fired whom? But sure, Melamchi water not coming soon.

Melamchi was supposed to solve Kathmandu valley’s chronic water shortage.  With the tunneling work complete, and the pipelines being installed in valley homes, it seemed the dreams of receiving Melamchi water was near. Last year alone we were promised twice the water would be in our taps – once in early 2018, further delayed to Dashain. However, we didn’t, and with the recent controversy with the Italian contractor – 2019 does not look very promising as well.

It is being reported the government has sent a ‘termination letter’ to the Italian contractor Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti di Ravenna. The decision was arrived after the Italian contractors failed to

  1. Come back to Nepal to resume work after their Christmas/New Year break.
  2. Provide concrete plan of resuming works despite the government’s repeated requests.

However, as per a Kathmandu Post report, the Italian contractors have a different version – they say they had already cancelled the contract after the government failed to pay them on time. However, interestingly, the Italian company had also withdrawn their termination letter after their staff were allowed to leave Nepal in December.

CMC, the Italian contracting company has completed, and is involved in various projects across the globe. However, their parent company is undergoing a huge financial crisis, and have declared bankruptcy in their home country – another reason for their inability to continue work in Nepal.

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