File Photo: Left: Indo-Burmese border at Moreh (Supplied); rescued Nepali women (Free Imphas Press)File Photo: Left: Indo-Burmese border at Moreh (Supplied); rescued Nepali women (Free Imphas Press)

300 Nepalis smuggled within a month along India-Myanmar – NGOs, Indian Police uncover grave trafficking problem

In a major operation conducted (ongoing) by the Indian Police in the Indian state of Manipur acting on tips by several NGOs, a major ‘human trafficking’ racket is being uncovered – and each passing day is shedding more light on how grave the problem is.

The raid started from Friday after Police rescued 40 Nepali girls who were trying to enter Myanmar via Moreh at the Indian-Burmese border in Nagaland. The police were acting on a tip-off provided by activists.

After the bust, Indian police intensified their raids and have successfully rescued at least 183 Nepalis people – 32 men and 151 women from different areas of Manipur. Eight traffickers have also been arrested. Several NGOs such as Impulse NGO Network  assisted the police by providing crucial and important tips. Police personnel are still conducting raids across the region, including Imphal.

Adding to the severity of the case, Impulse NGO Network in a press conference suggested at least 300 Nepalis were smuggled through the Indian-Burmese border in one month alone. Exact details of the smuggled are awaited as authorities look for key information.

The operation has highlighted the severe case of human trafficking along the Indo-Burmese border. According to sources, the Nepalis smuggled through Myanmar are trafficked to several other Asian and Middle East countries as ‘cheap labour’ – a form of modern day slavery.

The rescued 183 Nepalis will be returned to Nepal after their verification is concluded.

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