Govt mulls over banning free Wi-Fi in public place

Nepal Telecom Authority sets out a new policy on security provision of using the free Wi-Fi network in public place as the government is mulling over banning on password-free Wi-Fi in public place following the recently increase in criminal activities done using the free Wi-Fi network in public place.

In a report of NT on security provision regarding the free wife, it is mandatory for the public Wi-Fi network to have a login provision in order to access the free Wi-Fi. And as for the Wi-Fi operators, they should keep the record of IP and MAC addresses of the user devices accessing public Wi-Fi in public place.

This new policy has been adopted to check the increasing rate of criminal activities done using public Wi-Fi network, said NT officials.

According to the provision, the service providers are required to store the details of the user devices accessing the free Wi-Fi network and furnish such information to the government authorized body, upon request.

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