In 2018, 95 people died while bringing the news to us

The International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) has released its 29th report today on journalists and media staffs killed in the course of their duty in 2018.

The IFJ has detailed 95 cases of journalists and media staffs who lost their lives in the targeted killings, bomb attacks and crossfires in the report under the title In the Shadows of violence: Journalist and media killed in 2018.  The number of victim of violence in 2018 has increased by 12 numbers more than last year.

According to the report, countries like Yemen, India, Mexico, Afghanistan and Syria have recorded the highest and “devastating” tolls while South Asia labels as the dangerous region for journalist.

The IFJ says that the increase in killings takes place in the context of an increasing polarization of views across the world with the rise of dangerous nationalist and populist forces in many countries and the stigmatization of journalists and media by politicians and the enemies of media freedom.

The report also points at the pervasive level of impunity that prevails across the globe where 90% of journalists’ killings remain unresolved as the authorities all to often fail to conduct credible investigations into these crimes.

The IFJ holds governments responsible for the deaths of journalists and media staffs as the governments fail to investigate on journalists’ crime.

The IFJ also provides a “dedicated instrument’ specific to the situation of journalists, ensuring more effective implementation of international law.

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