Maduro's military block the Tienditas border bridge connecting Venezuela with ColumbiaMaduro's military block the Tienditas border bridge connecting Venezuela with Columbia

Maduro blocks US aid trucks from entering Venezuela

As an intense power battle ensues in Venezuela, the already suffering Venezuelans have been plunged deeper into crisis. Venezuela, once upon a time offering one of the highest standards of living in Latin America, today, owing to political turmoil is one of the worst performing economy of the world. The residents of the nation have been facing constant shortages of basic necessities since enactment of price controls and other policies during the economic policy of the Hugo Chavez government. The situation is said to have worsened since Nicolas Maduro took office in 2013.

The political crisis has recently intensified after opposition member Juan Gaido, backed by the U.S and other allies declared himself president of Venezuela. His self declaration received widespread public support from Venezuelans, however, Maduro is unrelenting. He has accused other nations of intervening in Venezuela’s international affairs, and cut diplomatic ties with the U.S., a move which U.S. denied saying they did not recognise Maduro as the leader of Venezuela.

With the ongoing political crisis, Venezuelans face one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Promising help to the Venezuelans, the U.S. sent some aid (food, medical supplies, etc) to Venezuela. The trucks were supposed to enter Venezuela via Columbia, however Maduro with the help of the military, has blocked the entry point to Venezuela.

The aid squabble is the latest front in the battle between Mr Guaido and Mr Maduro, who is vowing not to let the supplies enter the country. Maduro argues Venezuela isn’t a nation of “beggars” and has long rejected receiving humanitarian assistance, equating it to a foreign intervention.

Venezuelan Jose Mendoza stood at the entrance to the Colombian side of the bridge holding a sign that said: “Humanitarian aid now.”

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