Nepal Police to launch application for drivers

Nepal Police is launching an application named “Driving Check Mobile Application” on Sunday with the aim of making night buses coming in and out of the valley safer. The application will help to check if drivers are being changed or not during the course of journey ensuring the buses are driven carefully and alert.

The application will capture the photo of driver along the bus registration number at one point and the traffic personnel at another point will make sure whether the driver is replaced or the same on the way.

The application is going to be launched in three places: Nagdhunga, Kohalpur and Karmaiya—on Sunday.

The picture of the driver and bus leaving from east to Kathmandu will be captured at Sambhunath, Saptari and the bus en-route to Kathmandu from west in Kohalpur, Banke.

The picture will be checked at Naghdhunga to make sure that the driver is changed. Likewise, the photo of the driver and bus leaving from Kathmandu, will be taken at Naghdhunga and checked at Sambhunath and Kohalpur.

Nepal Police has come up with this brilliant idea after many road accidents owing to the driver’s negligence in the long route.

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