New homes being constructed for central zoo animals

Jawalakhel-based Central Zoo is intensifying works to construct new and advanced structures for animals. “Red panda(s) will be staying in air-conditioned facility soon”, as per the zoo’s information officer Lina Chalise.

Similarly, the construction of new homes for blue bull, jackal and crane is also in progress. The zoo currently has no blue bull; but visitors will soon get an opportunity to catch the sighting of it as the zoo is preparing to bring this animal from far-western Nepal. Similarly, works to upgrade a walkway meant for visitors is also ongoing.

The zoo has used an area spreading in six hectares for wildlife habitat. Records show that there are 1,219 wildlife of 127 species in the zoo now.

Last year, the Central Zoo collected Rs 1.4 million from visitors. It charges Rs 50 per head under 12 as entry fee; Rs 100 for students; Rs 150 for public; Rs 220 for guests from the SAARC and Rs 750 for foreigners.

A digital education center was setup here a few days ago to give information about animals and birds here, and about the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC).

In the very beginning, wildlife brought from outside need to be put under special care for protections. Each year, 10 to 15 animals need such treatment. A protected animal needs special treatment under the care of veterinary doctor for six months to one year, without putting it on display to public.

The zoo was built in 1932 AD by the then Rana Prime Minister Judhha Shumser as his private entity. However its ownership was transferred to the government following the 1950’s political change.

It was opened for public only from 2011 BS and the NTNC was entrusted with its management in 2052 BS for 30 years.


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