A Boeing 737 Max 8 model by Reuters.A Boeing 737 Max 8 model by Reuters.

Australia and Singapore ban airspace for Boeing 737 Max series

Australian and Singaporean aviation authorities have temporarily banned all Boeing 737 Max series aircraft flying in and out of their airspace.  The decision comes as a precautionary measure  following similarities in ‘nature of the accident’ involving two Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft within a time span of six months – Ethiopian Airlines on Sunday and Lion Air in October, 2018.

Sunday’s accident has several people pointing fingers at the model and the similarities in the accident with Lion Air crash of 2018. The Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, using a similar model, just like Lion Air crashed minutes after take-off.  Investigators of the Lion Air incident said the pilots had appeared to struggle with an automated system designed to keep the plane from stalling, a new feature of the jet. Investigators are yet to weigh in on the reason behind Sunday’s crash.

Following the accident, China and Indonesia were the first countries to ground Boeing Max 8 series, Singapore and Australia joined today. While grounding their aircraft, the two nations went on to ban other carriers using the same model from their airspace. Several airlines including Ethiopian Airlines too have grounded the same model og aircraft. Almost all airlines who own the model are in communication with Boeing and their respective civil aviation authorities.

As of March 2019, Boeing has delivered 350 Boeing Max 8 aircraft of the received 5111 orders.

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